Tuesday, October 30, 2007


How do you find if you have been infected by TennisCrazitis?
1) You wake up smiling and you know your day is going to just bright... because they are showing some live tennis on the tennis channel
2) Your weekends are always good when there are semifinals and finals of some tournament on that weekend
3) you would get ready no matter what time of the day or how tired u are...to play tennis
4)When u go to the gym with the intention of workingout but one look at an empty tennis court you cannot hold back and just go and play...kya kare control nahi hota
5) Your heart flutters when u see an empty tennis court while on a long drive
6) You carry your tennis gear whereever u go :)
7) You always first think of tennis vacations whenever you plan on vacations
8) When you are househunting you make sure there is a tennis court around even before you consider looking inside
9) You refuse to move to NewYork because tennis courts around are way too expensive.
if anyone feels like adding more to this list, go ahead, would love to know more symptons ;)

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Approach Shot said...

> You dont have Monday morning blues, because you have a match in the evening.
> You have tennis.com as a bookmark on your pc/desktop/office laptop....
> Every pair of shoes you own are tennis shoes.
> Most of your wardrobe is tennis attire.