Monday, June 22, 2009

French Open 2009- My Take

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I know it is too late and already Wimbledon 2009 has started in full swing but I wanted to reminisce about the French Open before the highpoints in Wimbledon take over.
~ Of course Federer finally won French Open completed his career grand slam,
But this French will also be remembered for the Nadal Upset by Robin Soderling.
~ I am glad Soderling made is to the finals, he did really upset the No.1 seed and it was not a fluke
~ The Soderling-Gonzalez match was thriller, with huge momentum swings and what a comeback Soderling made in the 5th set when he was trailing 4-1.
~ On the Women's side it was really inspiring to see Sharapova make such a gutsy run to the Quarterfinals after a 10 month layoff. truly her love for the game is inspiring!
~ I was so Happy that Kuznetsova won her match against Serena Williams quelling her lingering demons and finally winning the Title itself.
~ Although I felt bad for Safina for having lost again, I do feel she needs to put in a little more in the finals.I mean she may be a good player but on the court there during the finals she looked more stressed than enjoying being there. Good luck to her!

so there it is, the French Open in a Nutshell, now I can say ...Welcome Wimbledon.
PS: It is heartbreaking not to see Nadal in the Wimbledon draw :(