Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Match Lessons #1

Match: 6.0 Women's doubles against BreakPoints
Time & Venue 10/20/2007 Saturday, 6.00 pm @ Herndon Community Center
Position: Court No.1 with Zan

During warmup figured out that our opponents were quite handleable, just no mistakes play your game and we should be fine is what I told my partner.
thats how pretty much our 1st set was and we raced to a 6-1 win.
2nd Set:
Don't lose intensity and it is not yet over is what I always tell myself after winning a set
but...I dont know what happened, it began with them winning the first game and then on we made a unforced errors on regular basis and we were at a tantalizing 4-4.
We knew we could win it...but @ 4-4 what do you do?

Go back to basics
1) When your opponent is serving, concentrate on when the Racket strikes the ball
2) Keep your return shots deeper
3) Expect every ball back!
That and never to forget
4) Play one point at a time
5) Be positive
Thats what I did and sure enough we broke their serve and I held mine serving @ 5-4.
And thats how we won the match
isnt that cool :)

One more Key Thing:
when you find yourself making too many unforced errors, your timing might be going wrong, try this simple technique

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