Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Buddy running with Sam

Sampada my friend invited me to join her cheerleading squad in WashingtonDC on october 26th where she was planning to run the DC Marine Corp Marathon ...her first ever Marathon.

I had never witnessed a Marathon much less experienced running one so I didnt know what to expect but I was thrilled nevertheless.

Running 26.2 miles...can you imagine?

Her other friends had meticulously read the marathon route, figured which mile marker Sam would cross at what time...I just knew my time 11.30AM at the 18 mile mark.

When I reached the decided place I was immediately swept into the frenzy that was the marathon; I saw a river of human traffic, some running some walking and I so immediately wanted to be part of it(I later learnt there were 30 thousand participants!). I saw bystanders calling out names of the runners and cheering them...realized they were just calling out to unknown people by the names written on their cool is that..the true human spirit.

I was so happy to spot Sam and chugged along with her. There were people holding out water, powerade, placards, infact when crossing the potomac river saw a bunch of people on a boat waiting just to cheer the runners.
By the time I had met Sam, she had run most of the marathon.. 18 miles! and I could feel how every step was becoming more difficult for her...she was at a point where she was fatigued and her mind was throwing out irrational arguments and questioning the point of running the marathon....
But run she did..finish she did... and in her own words "I was able to overcome my injuries and my demons and run to the finish line smiling. I can now call myself a marathoner. "

Congrats Marathoner.. I am so proud of you...indeed in finishing this one you proved that there is no limit or boundaries to the human spirit... if we want... we can!
and thanks so much for letting me be a part of it!

p.s. you can read Sampada's experience here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It ain't that easy

image courtesy: University of Sussex
Line calls thats what I am talking about.

The professional players have it so easy...they have linesman and many a times if they think a linesman faltered then the "hawkeye"

In the tennis matches that I play you have to make your own calls that is... you depend on your opponents to call the ball that you hit as in or out and you have the same responsibility.

Now now now

sometimes when the point is crucial and the call close...and your opponents think you made the wrong call, it could lead to grumpy faces... unhappy matches,unhappy endings and not to mention the dead fish handshake to seal the deal!

but what can one do? there is this split second to decipher the distance between the ball and the line..did I see any green?(or blue depending on the color of the court)

Like I said it ain't that easy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Muscle What?

Not until recently had I heard the term Muscle memory. I found it fascinating to begin with... what!! muscles have memory? But as time went by it did make a lot of sense thanks to on court experience...literally :)
It explained why if I hadn't practised in a while and went straight into a match.. I felt rusty, lacked the confidence to hit my shots.. you may have the shot in your repertoire but the brain has a tough time recollecting the logic or the neural path.... but you know what...hang in there long the end of the match... your muscles will be up and running :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nothing like tennis to bring you down!

just like Nothing like tennis to put you on the top!
Last Friday I played a women's doubles match at the 4.0 level( Yes I am 3.0 but since this is off season my 3.5 women's team is playing at 4.0 level)
I was telling V..this was the match of my life.. I played well at the net..played very well from the Baseline... and won the match...
Riding on that high I went in confidently into a 3.5 doubles match last Monday(My 3.0 team is playing at 3.5 level)... to be put well in place...we lost the match.
Reminded me that I still have a lot of work to put in before I can be officially a 3.5!