Monday, September 8, 2008

Ball Kidding

that's me Ball Kidding at the 2007 Legg Mason Classic...

center court :)

what an experience it was!
The best seats in the court I say!
the only flip side? ....Well now I do notice the ball kids during a tennis match! they are no longer part of the court paraphernalia :(

The Awesome Sisters

Personally I am not a big fan of the Williamses(Is the American media responsible? they show too much of them)
but 1) I love their fighting spirit 2) I love their hunger to win 3) I love their on-court rivalry
but most of all... I love the support they give each other.
If it was me probably after having lost to my sister I would be sitting and sulking and not sitting in the stands and cheering for her...way to go Williamses

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Roger Federer in the USOpen Finals..again!

When I was watching the USOpen semifinal match between Rafa and Andy Murray I realised how tired Rafa looked; his shots had a lot of spin but no firepower and Andy did a beautiful job of putting them away and so--- Andy Murray is the one who made it to the finals--- to meet :) Roger Federer.
On the same lines it occurred to me....campared to Rafa(the current world No 1) or for that matter any other player Roger Federer was/is so much more consistent.
-> He not only plays well but plays smart(keeping himself injury free and fresh enough for all the tournaments he plays in)
-> I really appreciate his attitude towards tennis -- he knows tennis fans don't just want to see him win--more than that they want to see some good tennis-- which was evident when he was asked about his feelings after his five setter agains Igor Andreev.
-> Even though he lost his No 1 ranking he didn't seem to be down and out or unnerved or anything... we know now why he is there--- because he enjoys tennis that's why!
Hats Off to you Roger and Good Luck in the Finals!