Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australian Open, tennis, roof,heat wave

I feel the extreme heat policy at the Australian Open benefited just the American players and not all the players involved......
Why did it come into play after Serena lost the 1st set...just to break Kuznetsova's rhythm? it was really unfair for the latter...however you see it.
Where was the policy when Djokovic was wilting?
feels very weird....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doubly relieved

~ Australian Open 2009
Couldn't bear the thought of Dinara Safina losing.... I am so so so glad she got it together and won the match..yay
Federer made an unbelieavable come back against Tomas Berdych...yay yay yay.
I love the color of the outfits the linesman and Ball kids(love their hats too!) are wearing.
There should be a mandatory minimum length of the outfits women can wear...I am not trying to be moral police but come on Jelena Jankovic's outfit is too short....weird colored...that may be the only reason I am happy she lost :)
and ....I love Nadal's cute look...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Been there Played that

~ CommonWealth Championships Charlottesville, Virginia 2009.

  • This was in Boars Head Inn tennis center, one of the best I have seen and played at.

  • Enjoyed playing some outdoor tennis inspite of the cold weather.

  • Enjoyed with "Matchpoints" team, the drive to Charlottesville, the lunches, the dinners, the cheering, and most important the playing

  • Charlottesville was hilly and beautiful, cold crisp,fresh.
  • We went, we played, we reached the finals, but we just fell short ( a wee bit)

We lost but it is good to have been there done that!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Everything Tennis

cute little things I got from a tennis shop for my tennis buddies. My 6.0 mixed doubles team has reached the Common Wealth cup playoffs to be held in Charlotesville Virginia next weekend.
That is where I plan to give these goodies
There are 2 tennis photoframes, 2 coffee mugs, some comfortable socks, one christmas tree ornament, a tennis penholder, some tacky racquet grip and not to mention a tennis racquet embossed soap :)