Thursday, June 5, 2008

Safina in French Open final

I think Safina was sort of "discovered" during 2008 Roland Garros, she did spark an interest in her when she defeated Henin and Serena williams not too long ago.
It is amazing that she made a come back against a player like Sharapova who is such a -I wont give up till the end-- player. During quaterfinals I switched off the TV when Dementieva was almost going to win it, I reach office and after about 1/2 hour when I logon to check the status, lo the scoreboard showed the match "In progress" turns out Safina not only made an unbelievable(again!) comeback, she also sweeped the 3rd set 6-0 hats off.
The script of the Semifinal match between Safina and Kuznetsova went like many other kuzty's final appearances; she almost always loses them because she is too tight and has lost all belief in herself. Oh Kuzty when when will you learn hold your own?
On the other hand the Ivanovic vs Jankovic semifinal is still going on well into the 3rd set.
You know people want good matches not just one better player; ultimately they are here to see a battle not just of talent but of wits, belief, comeons and a good helping of magical shots. So by all means whether Safina wins or not she has definitely won my heart and made me smile, thank you!

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