Monday, June 23, 2008

District Diaries-1

When I booked my tickets for my India Vacation in April little did I realize that I would be missing our Mixed Doubles playoffs... I was extremely disappointed when my captain emailed me saying we lost at the play offs and thus not making it to the Districts this year(We did make it to 2007 Districts but that calls for another post!)
2 months later when our team got busy with the USTA women's season ... we suddenly get an email saying "we have a wildcard entry to the Districts are you still available?" ofcourse I am!
then began our 2 weeks of practice, now something has to be said about this practice you see USTA has spoiled us by having all our tennis matches indoors and then they say Districts will be outdoors...haha...... well practice we realized it is not just our opponents but also the elements we have play against. The side effects of which can be sweat blurring your vision with its burning saltiness, the sun making your eyes squint; you have to start strategizing such that your better server gets to the serve on the shadier side...... but all in all it was a solid 2 weeks... which now exists in my sweet memories!
more to come...

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