Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Milestone Reached

This post is sort of delayed...but I had to chronicle this!

Last sunday I reached the 5 mile mark in my running adventure. It was a proud and exhilirating moment for me.
About 2 years ago I started running basically to supplement my tennis. During tennis matches and clinics I would get tired after 45 mins of hard play. I realised I needed to build my stamina; what better way than to run?
I started off with a mere 1 mile run and another 15 mins of stationery cycling. As I increased my distance I figured that running was a lot of fun.
The best part is our gym(worldgate sport and health) has a running track; I dont enjoy running on a treadmill so much. Also I try to run outdoors whenever I get a chance.
I usually run full stretch once a week and with shorter spells whenever I can on other days.

To go back to where it all began, yes my running has definitely paid off. I am in better shape, my tennis is much better, I can run faster, reach more balls.. I reach to some balls or pick up drop shots....which was impossible 2 years!

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