Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Madrid Year End Championships

The year-end championship match between Justine Henin and Sharapova was an amazing match, worth watching again and again. Both players played their best; a total of 10 deuces in the last game of the first set says it all. None was ready to give up which is very rare in a women's match off late.

I thinkwomen's proffessional tennis is not doing great at the moment, there isnt much depth. Justine the no 1 player defeated 9th ranked player Marion bartoli 6-0,6-0: go figure(on a side note; what a revenge!). Although I am not a great fan of the William Sisters I absolutely like their fighting spirit on the court.

Coming back to the championships I think the match was very refreshing. In the end it was Sharapova's fitness which gave in and not her spirit and Justine prevailed as the 2007 champion.

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