Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snatching away Victory

I so wanted to chronicle this match to reread it for the later years of my life.
Played on 10/18/2011, Tuesday Worldgate.
This has been one of my best wins in recent memory
I had never played with Gina as partner infact I met her for the first time before the match. Considering this was a first together I was happy with how well we played together,pushed each other when it was needed.

We were playing at Worldgate where the courts are really fast. Talking about fast the 1st set was over quickly, our opponents winning it 6-1.
It is hard to believe we came back from there to win the 2nd set 6-2!

The 3rd set 10 point tiebreak was also closely contested until 5-5. Then we ran away with it to 9-5. At this point I start thinking "is this really happening" but I am glad that I was able to quieten my thoughts about victory and focus on the point at hand.
We won 10-7 phew! what a match. hop , skip, hug, shakehands

At times like these I wish I could take a slice of my mindset(how shall I describe it, calm, focussed,positive and relishing the competition) and set it aside for reference in real life :)


Anonymous said...

Truly...very few things can emulate the elation of a hard fought victory.

Aarthi said...

well said Anonymous

Anupama said...

Hi Aarthi, Firstly thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comment. Secondly it's great to know you are a tennis enthusiast. I am too, but more of the couch tennis enthusiast. Lived in England for 7 years and so got a chance to go to Wimbledon twice. It was heavenly!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your blog and you are inspiring me to pick up tennis again. I played it one summer few years ago and then discontinued. Well done! You are doing great.

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