Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Tennis Player vs Good Match Player

I always used to wonder is playing good tennis enough to win a match?
Over the years I have realised it is not necessarily true.
A good tennis player hits deep shots, takes the ball early, hits winners of loose balls, has a very good serve.
Now a good match player:
Thinks a little in between points
1)Is the opponent a lefty? then serve to the forehand
2)Can your opponent not run very fast? then instead of smashing the ball, just place the ball far from the opponent.
3)Is your A game not working?
then at least keep the ball in play, sometimes you have to win with "not your best tennis"
Today I felt a little more complete as a player when I won a singles match 6-3,6-2.
Sometimes using the brain helps :)

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Laksh said...

Stopping by your space after a really long time and got caught up on your posts. Lovely header image. It is very refreshing to hear your take on a game you have so much passion for.

How are you doing?