Friday, March 5, 2010

One more

Yesterday was another one of those nights when I was really thankful that I play tennis.
This match was against Ed and Susan(mixed doubles). I know Ed as a very good player so I was little surprised when we broke his serve right away in the first game. My partner Steven so rightly said hey just because we broke him doesnt mean anything, he is one of those guys who just won't go away.
We managed to stay on top the first set and win it 6-4. But sometimes winning a set against good players drains you so much mentally that you tend to take a breather and if in the following set your opponent is first to serve, it could mean trouble. They are eager to make a statement and you are still riding on the high; not a good combination. We lost the 2nd set 6-0 :( !@#$.
The third set was going to be an uphill battle and what with these being timed matches(2 hours for mixed doubles) the odds were stacked pretty high against us.
I played some really agressive tennis in the 3rd of which I am proud. I felt I had really grown up in the last 2 years or so. If this were a match I played about 3 years ago I would have surely given up, pacified myself saying "I will practise more off court" , "Will take more lessons" etc etc but this time I fought, I told myself everything lies here and now.
We were tied up 4-all in the 3rd set when the buzzer went off signaling end of the match. The tie made the 3rd set invalid and they won by virtue of more number of games in their pocket.
It sucks to lose but the battle we put up there did something good for my spirit :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I can so understand that statement - I will practice more off-court etc. that you said used to happen to you. What changed? Lots of practicE?

Aarthi said...

lots of practice
and I figured at some point
Tennis has a lot to do mentally, just give your best of what you have right NOW then you atleast stand a chance. and my husband once said even if they are better make them earn the win! now thats something I am up for :)

Approach Shot said...

Amen to that Ms.Aarthi! Sometimes having a mantra also helps. I like saying to myself, "Show them hell" and let the chips fall as they may.