Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lucky me


Yay, we tennis fans are a lucky lot, we witnessed History being made.

A lot has already been said about the Wimbledon finals, about Federer and about Andy Roddick but as a Tennis player myself I have to say you do not let your opponent win unless "you" first give up and there was none of that happening on either side of the court that day. Andy didn't give in, Roger just grabbed it!

Having played many tiebreaks I had come to believe they are a matter of luck and not necessarily the better player wins. But yeah on Sunday it seemed like Federer had a command over them too, else how would you explain a come back from 2-6 down to win!

In retrospect I think Federer does not admonish himself when he makes a mistake, he is always on his own side that way he is just playing one person:his opponent.
and that is perhaps what makes him a champion. That and his unwavering determination to win.

It was a beautiful match with a fitting end and we have to thank Andy for making a thriller out of it :)

ps: I have a new found respect for not just Andy's game but his character and his sense of humor.

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