Friday, February 27, 2009

I really dig Comebacks

yesterday was one of the days when I was really thankful that I play tennis.
V~ and I usually play on court 1; the toughtest spot of all the 3 courts when a USTA league match is played. Playing on court 1 is very tricky, many a times it forces you to be at your best from start to finish

Yesterday was one such match, we started out well and we were thinking "well this team looks pretty straightforward, tough but beatable" we were at a pretty well balanced 2-2 in the first.
but somehow a tough line call that I made rendered me shaky and the opposition ran away with a 5-2 lead. but at that moment a positive outlook, ready to taken on anything attitude helped us stay composed, we not only won 5 straight games to win the first set 7-5 but riding on that high won the 2nd set an easy 6-2. Game set match

A moment of pure joy; pure happiness.... When V~ and I hugged congratulating each other on the terrific comeback :)


Anonymous said...

congrats !!..
I envy sportspersons..considering how un athletic i am.. on top of that i have very poor stamina.:-(

The good life said...

thank you :)
I am no sportsperson but you know living in the US gives you so many options to pursue, I started playing tennis only about 3 years ago after I moved here