Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Been there Played that

~ CommonWealth Championships Charlottesville, Virginia 2009.

  • This was in Boars Head Inn tennis center, one of the best I have seen and played at.

  • Enjoyed playing some outdoor tennis inspite of the cold weather.

  • Enjoyed with "Matchpoints" team, the drive to Charlottesville, the lunches, the dinners, the cheering, and most important the playing

  • Charlottesville was hilly and beautiful, cold crisp,fresh.
  • We went, we played, we reached the finals, but we just fell short ( a wee bit)

We lost but it is good to have been there done that!

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indosungod said...

Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate the comments you leave. My daugther who is 10 years old has got interested in Tennis, infact tomorrow is her first day of class. What age did you start playing? She is a swimmer and a soccer player so atheletic by nature so I am hoping she will be interested in the sport for a longer term